2015    Wekalet Behna, “Fragments,” Alexandria, Egypt

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            Thundergulch, “Julie Harrison: New Work,” New York City

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1985    The Performance Space, “The Other Side and Other Works by Julie Harrison,” Albuquerque, NM

1983    Franklin Furnace, “Raw Stock,” New York City

            Fashion Moda, “Paintings By Arrangement” with Robert Kleyn, Bronx, NY

1982    Satellite Exchange Society, “New Work,” Vancouver, Canada

1981    The Bank, Amsterdam, Holland

1980    626 Performance Theatre, New York City

            Women’s Interart Center, “Utopia or Else!,” collaboration w/ Ilona Granet, Diane Torr, New York City

            Nantucket Island School of Art and Design, “Boundary,” collaboration w/ Neil Zusman, Nantucket MA

1979    Mercer Street Studio, “It’s About Time,” collaboration w/ Diane Torr, New York City

            Franklin Furnace, “Prudencia en Transito,” collaboration w/ Cara Brownell & Robert Cooney, NYC

1978    Experimental TV Center, collaboration w/ Cara Brownell & Chana Gazit, Binghamton, NY

            96 Grand St. Gallery, collaboration w/ Cara Brownell, New York City



2016    Printed Matter, “The A More Store,” a project of Collaborative Projects, NYC

2015    Institute for Women and Art, “MTV: Momentum Technology Videos,” Rutgers, NJ

2014    Cuchifritos Gallery/Essex St Market, “The Real Estate Show, What Next,” NYC

            New Museum, “XTR STN (Transfer Station),” a project by Collaborative Projects, NYC

2013    Proteus Gowanus Gallery, “War of Words,” curated by Diane Bertolo, Brooklyn NY

2012    Hunter College Gallery, “Times Square Show Revisited,” curated by Shawna Cooper + Karli Wurzelbacher, NYC

            Lesley Heller Gallery, “The Herd Remorse,” curated by Lenore Malen, New York City

2011    The Spectrum, “Reflection,” curated by Martyn Thompson, Brooklyn, NY

            Printed Matter, “A Show about Colab (and Related Activities),” curated by Max Schumann, NYC

            Anthology Film Archives, “Experimental TV Center Tribute,” curated by Maria Elena Venuto, NYC

            DIGit Festival, “Flicks From the Underground,” curated by Ron Littke, Narrowsburg, NY

           Museum of Modern Art, “Looking at Music 3.0,” curated by Barbara London, New York City

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2009    Walker Art Center, “Free Verse: The Collaborative Artists’ Book,” curated by Eric Lorberer, Minneapolis, MN

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2005    Smith College Museum of Art, “Too Much Bliss,” Northampton, MA

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            Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt, Germany, Triennial 9, “Form and Contents: Corporal Identity—Body Language”

            University of California / San Diego, “In the Margins: Granary’s Books,” curated by Steve Clay

2002    University of Delaware, “Personal Visions: Artists’ Books at the Millennium"

2000    San Francisco Center for Book Arts, “New York”

1998    Neuberger Museum, “The Next Word,” curated by Johanna Drucker, Purchase, NY

1997    A.I.R. Gallery, NYC, “25th Anniversary” 

1995    Segue, New York City, “Poet’s Night”

            Art in General, NYC, “Que Sera Sera: The Afterlife Show,”

1994    “Combat Zone,” curated by Mary Beth Edelson, window installation on Broadway, NYC

            Dru Arstark Gallery, NYC, “Group Show”

1993    Munchner Stadtmuseum, “Silence=Death,” Munich, Germany

            Stadtbibliothek, “Silence=Death,” Hannover, Germany

            Fachbereich Kunst und Design, Fachhochschule, “Silence=Death,” Hannover, Germany

1992    "Positive Images” Travelling Show: University of Iowa, University of Georgia, University of New Mexico University of Maryland, University of Wisconsin, University of Oregon, University of Texas @ El Paso, Northwestern University, Eastern Washington University, Marist College, Sonoma State College

1991    National PBS stations, “Positive Images”

1989    Univ. of CA / Santa Barbara, “Women in Education Conference”

1988    SUNY/Buffalo, “Post-Currents”

            “The Manhattan Borough President’s Awards for Excellence in the Arts”

1987    Neighborhood Film/Video Project, Philadelphia, PA

            City College, “Artists in the Electronic Age,” NYC

            American Film Institute, “Traveling Exhibition"

            The Kitchen, “Techno Bop,” NYC

            American Museum of the Moving Image, “The Other New York,” Astoria, Queens

1986    The State Museum of Albany, NY “The Other New York”

            Satellite Access Network, “Deep Dish TV”

            The New Museum, NYC “Kid’s TV”

1985    Michael Katz Gallery, NYC “Group Show”

            RYO Gallery, NYC “East Village TV”

            A.I.R. Gallery, NYC “Women Artists and Filmmakers”

            Bronx Museum, Bronx, NY “Computer Generated Art”

1984    Franklin Furnace, NYC, “The Second Coming”

            WNYC-TV Channel 31, NYC, “Video as Canvas”

            Concord Gallery, NYC, “Moieties,” a project of Collaborative Projects

            Bard College, “Art & Social Consciousness,” a project of Collaborative Projects

            Spaces, Cleveland, OH, “Fashion Moda Show”

            A.I.R. Gallery, NYC, “Women Artists and Filmmakers”

1983    White Columns Gallery, NYC, “Cabaret Night”

            Fashion Moda Gallery, Bronx, NY, “Artists’ Video II”

            Global Village, NYC, “High Tech Myth/Unreal Doc”

            La Mama, “Dance on the Lower East Side Festival,” New York City

            Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, “Artists Video II”

            Hallwalls, Gallery, Buffalo, NY, “The Electronic Image”

            The Ritz, WPA, Washington DC, “Colab Show”

            Plexus, NYC, “Westoxication”

1982    “CAPS Travelling Show,” Hampshire College, Real Art Ways, University of Wyoming, State University of New York, Les Refuse Gallery, Chautauqua Art Assoc., Mid-Hudson Arts & Science Center, Albany Public Library, Rockefeller Arts Center, Visual Studies Workshop, Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, New York State College, Mohawk Valley Community College, Enock Pratt Free Library, Film Workshop of Westchester

            WNYE-TV Channel 25, NYC, “Hi-Tech Video”

            The Kitchen, NYC, “Image/Process 1,” curated by Shalom Gorowitz

            Mudd Club, NYC, “High Tech”

            Theatre for the New City, NYC, “Nuclear Disarmament”

            White Columns Gallery, NYC, “Potato Wolf Benefit”

            Randolf Street Gallery, Chicago, IL, “Colab Show”

            PADD, NYC, “Art and Politics”

            Documenta 7, Germany, “Fashion Moda Store”

1981    Gowanus Memorial Art Armory, “Monumental Show,” Brooklyn, NY

            and/or Gallery, Seattle, WA, “The Suitcase Show”

            Anthology Film Archives, NYC “ETC”

1980    Staatliche Kunstalle, Baden-Baden, West Germany

            Kunst Akademe, Düsseldorf, Germany

            New York University, “Thesis Project,” New York City

            Brooke Alexander Gallery, NYC, “Collaborative Projects”

            “Times Square Show,” NYC, a project of Collaborative Projects

1979    “Manifesto Show,” Colab theme show, 5 Bleecker St, NYC

            “Business & Finance,” Colab theme show, 5 Bleecker St., NYC

            “Doctors & Dentists,” Colab theme show, 591 Broadway, NYC



1990    National Educational Video & Film Festival, Oakland

            Women in the Director’s Chair Festival, Chicago

1986    National Video Festival, American Film Institute

            Festival Internationale de Films et Video de Femmes, Montreal

1984    La Video Fameuse Fete Video Festival, Quebec, Canada

            Video Culture/Canada Video Festival, Toronto, Canada

            World-Wide Video Festival, Den Haag, Holland

            Toronto Film Festival, Festival of Festivals, Toronto

1982    World-Wide Video Festival, Den Haag, Holland

            Festival Internationale Cinema e Video, Rome, Italy

1980    Video Roma International Video Festival, Rome Italy



2011    Finishing Funds, Experimental TV Center, Owego NY

2006    Grant (for E.A.T. exhibition at Stevens Institute of Technology), National Endowment for the Arts

2000    Residency Award, Visual Studies Workshop

1993    Steven L. Barstow Residency Award, Central Michigan University

1990    Gold Apple Award (1st prize), National Educational Film & Video Festival

1988    Video Fellowship, New York Foundation for the Arts

            Media Grant, Funding Exchange, Paul Robeson Fund, New York City

1987    Media Grant, National Endowment for the Arts

            Barbara Lathum Memorial Award, Chicago Art Institute

1986    Film Grant , Film Fund, Video

1985    Media Grant, New York State Council on the Arts

            Finishing Funds, Media Bureau, The Kitchen New York City

1983    Residency Award, Visual Studies Workshop

1982    Residency Award, Satellite Exchange Society, Vancouver, BC

1981    Honorable Mention, Atlanta Film & Video Festival

            Fellowship, Creative Artists Public Service Program, New York City

            Colorado Award (1st prize), Athens Film & Video Festival



1987    “Barriers and Bridges,” Guggenheim Museum’s Learning Through Art Program, permanent outdoor sculpture in NYC made with kids

1986    “Urban Totems,” Guggenheim Museum’s Learning Through Art Program, permanent outdoor sculpture in NYC made with kids



2016    Co-Organizer, “A More Store,” Printed Matter, April 15–May 15

2008    Co-Producer, Moderator, “E.A.T.: The Story of Experiments in Art and Technology, 1960-1974,” Symposium and Film Screening, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ

            Co-Curator, “Experiments in Art and Technology Revisited,” Exhibition, Babbio Center, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ

            Co-Producer, “Digital07: Pattern Finding,” Exhibition, Stevens Institute, Hoboken, NJ

1981-83 Curator, Director of Film/Video, Dance on the Lower East Side Festival



2011-14 “Julie in the Jungle,” ( a blog about working in Brazil, Guatemala & Egypt

2004    “Art & Technology,” ISSA Review, Stevens Institute of Technology

2001    Debtor’s Prison, artist’s book, in collaboration with Lewis Warsh, Granary Books, NYC

1997    If It Rained Here, limited-edition book, in collaboration with Joe Elliot, Granary Books, NYC 1997

1998    “Artist’s Pages,” Leonardo: the Journal of the Int’l Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology, in collaboration with Joe Elliot, (LEONARDO 31:4, pp278–279)

1993    Wac Stats: The Facts About Women, co-editor (with Andrea Blum, Barbara Ess, Gail Vachon), The New Press, NYC



2016    A Book About Colab (And Related Activities, edited by Max Schumann, NY: Printed Matter

2011    M/E/A/N/I/N/G #5: 25th Anniversary Edition, edited by Mira Schor and Susan Bee, NYC

2010    ETC: The Experimental Television Center 1969–2009, Electronic Arts Intermix, NYC

2002    The East Village, Volume 9, “LA | NY”

            The Astrophysicist’s Tango Partner Speak, (with Brigid McLeer),

1999    Shark: a journal of poetics and art writing, Issue #2

1998    Leonardo: the Journal of the Int’l Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology, “Artist’s Pages” (with Joe Elliot), (LEONARDO 31:4, 1998, pp278–279)

1987    Tellus Audio Cassette Magazine, “Tellus #17 Video Art Music”

1985    Tellus Audio Cassette Magazine, “Tellus #5 & 6 Double Audio Visual Issue”



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1985    “Festival International de Films et Videos de Femmes,” Montreal

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1981    “CAPS/ICI Traveling Show,” illus.

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1980    “The Electronic Gallery,” Mauren Turim, catalog, Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY



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1980     M.A. New York University

1976     B.A. University of New Mexico