VIDEO  1979-1994


Zone of the Generals, by Julie Harrison. Political metaphors, b/w, audio by J. Harrison, 3:30 mins. Producer/Director/Editor. 1979


Transmigration, by Julie Harrison. Experimental TV Center; Image-processed poetics about birth, life and death. Featuring the audio work of Carol Parkinson; 15 mins., National Video Festival, Albany State Museum. Producer/Director/Editor.  1989


Boundary, excerpt ("Radiated Face"), 1980

Boundary, by Julie Harrison Neil Zusman. Image-processed at the Experimental Television Center; 20 mins. Colorado Video Award, Athens Video Festival; Honorable Mention, Atlanta Video Fest.; Video Roma Int'l Video Festival, Staatliche Kunstalle, Kunst Akademe, CAPS Award. Co-Producer/Director/Editor.  1980

Boundary, excerpt ("No), 1980

Boundary, excerpt ("Iranian Woman"), 1980


Devotion, written and directed by Robert Kleyn produced by Julie Harrison, 16:00,  1982.


Subordinate Acts. Vignettes of intrigue, audio and narration by J. Harrison, with Robert Kleyn, Ilona Granet, Pamela Harling, and friends. Vignettes of intrigue, audio and narration. 5 mins, Producer/Director/Editor.  1981.   


The Other Side, by Julie Harrison and Robert Kleyn. Machine Language; A woman's search for the primal myth, a spiritual recollection of fantasy and control. 20 mins., Channel. 12 Cablevision. Co-Producer/Director/Editor.  1985.


Positive Images: Portraits of Women With Disabilities, by Julie Harrison and Harilyn Rousso, Networking Project For Disabled Women & Girls; Three portraits of women with different physical disabilities. 58 mins. Gold Apple Award, National Education Film & Video Festival; Superfest; PBS. 1989


Interpretations of the Heart. Collaboration with Movado Watch Corp.; Captures the vitality of the process of creation in young children making art in collaboration with assemblage artist Arman. Installation in Movado storefront on Madison Ave., NYC. Director / Camera / Editor. 1986


March for Disarmament. Live 3-hour broadcast on PBS of the June 12th Disarmament Rally in NYC. Sr. Producer/Live Camera/ Supervising Editor. 1982


Lasting Impression, Collaboration with Robert Kleyn. Buying a pyramid, music by R. Kleyn, 4 mins. Co-Producer/Director/Editor.  1981 

Fire Down Below. Stats about violence and sexual harassment towards women; with sound collage. 10 mins. Central Mich. University. Producer/Director.  1994

Barriers and Bridges. Guggenheim Museum; New York City kids design and build an environmental sculpture wall based on the title. 10 mins. NYC. President Awards for Excellence in the Arts Ceremony. Producer/Director/Camera/Editor. 1989

Women and Disability: The Issues. Education Equity Concepts; A half hour cable TV show combining hosts, interviewees, and conference on the issues. 28 mins. Director/Editor. 1988 

Regarding Ourselves: Women in Social Work. National Assoc. of Social Workers; The history of women in social work, combining historic photographs, films and interviews with important women in the field today. 45 mins. Director/Editor. 1988

Networking Across the Generations. YWCA of New York; About the Networking project designed to provide role models for adolescent disabled girls. 20mins. Director/Editor. 1987

The Psychological Birth of the Human Infant. Margaret Mahler Psychiatric Research Foundation; The Separation-Individuation process of the mother and child. 45 mins. Editor. 1986

Correspondance. Experimental TV Center; Art/Music video with objects of signs & symbols. Music by Carol Parkinson. 4 mins., Festival Int'l de Film & Video de Femmes. Producer/Director.  1985

Progress. Machine Language; Structuralist music video, a site through a window of a fozen river in the snow, a landscape. Music by George Elliott. 4 mins. La Video Fameuse Fete Video Festival. Producer/Director/Editor.  1985

Bartleby: 1984. Eyeball Productions; A computer programmer who goes insane, based on the Melville story. 28 mins., Video director/Editor.  1984

The Realization. Fighting Words Productions; Writer/Director: Robert Kleyn; A story about a man's vision of his self-paranoia, his double, or Other. 25 mins. Bard College. Producer/Co-Camera/Co-Editor.  1983

Cartoon Tape. Art on tape, computer generated images based on drawings by the artist. 4:30 mins., Toronto Film Festival, World-Wide Video Festival, Bronx Museum, Video Culture Canada. Producer/Director/Editor  1983

Ere I Saw Elba. Music by MMCPM; New wave, new style, electronically processed MV, sex, babies, and reproduction. 5 mins. World-Wide Video Festival. Producer/Director/Editor.  1983

Dionysus: Where Magic Starts, the Breath. music by Colin Griffiths; electronically processed. Producer/Director/Editor.  1983

Clean It. Signs and symbols; music by Gus Van Sant, 3:30 mins. Producer/Director/Editor.  1983

Interrogation. Image-processed, music by Vangelis, 3 mins. World-Wide Video Festival. Producer/Director/Editor.  1982

I Forgot. Video epigram, music by R. Kleyn, 2:30 mins. Festival Int'l Cinema e Video, World-Wide Video Festival. Producer/Director/Editor.  1982

Alone. music by J. Harrison, 2:30 mins. Producer/Director/Editor. 1982

Is It Work or Is It War?. Collaboration with performance artist Ilona Granet about how to cope with life in the 80's. Producer/Director/Camera/Editor.  1981

She Was Reading The Paper One Morning. . . . Collaboration with Anne Hammil. Collaboration between dancer Anne Hammel, about newspaper headlines. Director/Editor.  1981

Prudencio en Transito. Collaboration with Cara Brownell and Robert Cooney/ Workers in Mexico and the proliferation of the oil companies. For a performance at Franklin Furnace. Co-Producer/Director/Editor.  1979

Drowning. Collaboration with Cara Brownell. Shot in Guatemala, b/w, audio by J. Harrison, 4 mins., Producer/Director.  1979