Ellipsis. Julie Harrison, Cara Brownell and Chana Gazit. Experimental TV Center, Binghamton, NY. Live 3-camera display, pre-recorded tapes sequenced/switched to 7 monitors, relationship between 4 dancers, cameraperson and images on the monitors, text about the physiology of perception.  1978.




Missing. Collaboration with Cara Brownell. PS 1, Long Island City, NY. Endurance piece hanging off a 20 ft. wall, with dancers.  1978.








Le Jardin d'Eve. Collaboration with Daniel Koppelman. University Art Gallery & Warner Auditorium, Central Michigan University. An interactive computer, music/image event.  1994.







Combat Zone. Video installation in a store window, of statistics about violence towards women during a project produced by Mary Beth Edelson called Combat Zone: Campaign HQ Against Domestic Violence (a response to the “war zone” in which battered women live), lower Broadway, NYC.  1994.






Raw Stock. Franklin Furnace, NYC. Electronic music, song, dance, plus a 2-channel video installation during performance.  1983.







The Ride. New York University; NY Theatre Ensemble; Nantucket Island School of Design & the Arts; 626 Performance Theatre, NYC. 2 videos on 4 monitors with live performance of a woman and her protagonist, a social political unreality of destruction.  1980.




How Can I Know What I Mean 'Til I See What I Say?. University Art Gallery, Central Michigan University, 2-channel video on 4 monitors plus audio, poetic movement with woman, body parts, womb, about being alive.  1994.


Fire Down Below. University Art Gallery, Central Michigan University. A 3-channel video/audio installation about violence towards women.  1994.




One Life to Live. Collaboration with Robert Kleyn. The Bank, Amsterdam, Holland.  1981.








Prudencio en Transito. Collaboration with Cara Brownell and Robert Cooney. Franklin Furnace, NYC. A videotape with live performance about the "rape" of Mexico by big oil companies.  1979.








Subordinate Acts. Collaboration with Anne Hammel. La Moma, NYC. Two women dance and die to audio vignettes in their search for a childhood dream.

Static Gravity: Utopia. . .Or Else!. Collaboration with Ilona Granet, Diane Torr, and others. Women's Interart Center, NYC. Contemporary myth spoken through film of the Universe and space shuttle, dance, rock & roll cabaret and vaudeville comedy.

It's About Time. Collaboration with Diane Torr. Mercer Street Studio, NYC, The Studio, Sedgewick, Maine. Film of two girls cutting up, slides of dinosaurs, movement and sound depicting various concepts of space and time.

Endurance. Collaboration with Cara Brownell. Mercer Street Studio, NYC. Endurance piece climbing walls.

Complete Order. Collaboration with Cara Brownell. 96 Grand St. Gallery, NYC. Film loop of view outside window, movement and conversation between 2 women.

A Good Meal:The Running Dance. Collaboration with Pam Harling and Liz Copeland. Rodey Theatre, Albuquerque, NM. The everyday event of running presented on a proscenium stage to sound installation.

2448 Inches. University of New Mexico. Performance in hall of this length, videotape of feet walking distance and audio of everyday events.