"MTV: Momentum Technology Video"

October 1, 2014 – April 1, 2015

Curated by Institute for Women & Art

The online film festival, MTV: Momentum Technology Videos, features video works of women and transgender artists working with new technologies. The film festival is featured on the Institute for Women and Art website in a video playlist that will run continuously, giving access to viewers 24/7, allowing filmmakers, animators, and other screen artists to present work in a gallery without walls.

Julie Harrison presents “Radiated Face” (excerpt from Boundary in collaboration with Neil Zusman). 1980, 02:15 minutes.

"Radiated Face" is an excerpt from a longer video, Boundary, that I collaborated on with Neil Zusman in 1980. The work consists of a colorized woman's face combined with sequenced images of female models, a marching band, and a menacing fist while she talks about her lonely childhood and milk contaminated by radiation from a nuclear meltdown. Boundary won the Colorado Award (1st prize) at the Athens Film & Video Festival, an Honorable Mention at the Atlanta Film & Video Festival, a CAPS award as well as toured for three years with Independent Curators International. 

Artists include: Joeun Aatchim, Hiba Ali, Renae Barnard, Sarah Berkeley, Sherri Cornett, Sam DeMonte, Simone Doing, Lacie Garnes, Julie Harrison, Hästköttskandalen, Sarah Hill, Alex Hovet, Claire Jervert, Kathleen Kelley and Sarah Rose Nordgren, Elizabeth Leister, Christine Neptune, Sarah Oneschuk, Roberta Orlando, Cindy Rehm, Ela Shah, Loren Siems, Julia Kim Smith, and JingZhou

Please visit the Momentum Directory for links to other artists, arts professionals, and organizations that engage in critical explorations in the field of gender, feminism, art, and technology.

photo: JHarrison, still from “Radiated Face” (excerpt from Bounday by JHarrison and Neil Zusman.