[blog post] Que Pasa? / What's Up? Protests in the Street


I'm in Mexico, so let's talk about NAFTA. Or the wall! Just kidding ... we're all inundated with politics so think of this as a short break from the horrors of our government's nefarious shenanigans (by looking at another government's shenanigans).

While public art and work of the storied Mexican muralists have been significant here (and around the world) for decades, 2006 marked a resurgence of art in the streets in Oaxaca. In June of that year, a theretofore annual teacher's strike ended violently and spurred masses of people to demand resignation of the Oaxacan state governor (e.g. Cuomo) and to express their strong opposition to the chronic problems of poor education, poverty, indigenous rights, environmental degradation, among others (sound familiar?).

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