Club 57 Gallery Screening: "Joe Lewis and Friends"


Club 57 Gallery Screening: "Joe Lewis and Friends" Museum of Modern Art, New York City

January 23 – January 30, 2018

On the occasion of Joe Lewis’ live appearance in the Club 57 galleries on January 25, we revisit performance videos from this musician, artist and co-founder of Fashion Moda. Documentation of an uptown reprise of Club 57’s Lady Wrestling [video by Julie Harrison] is memorable for its ringside interviews and record of audiences engaging with the storefront from the street. Lewis performed regularly with his father, Joseph Lewis Sr, and occasionally with iconoclastic countertenor Julius Eastman. This program samples a gig by Lewis, Eastman, and Lewis at Arleen Schloss’s performance salon A’s and Lewis and Lewis performance videos from media artist Davidson Gigliotti’s series of music tapes.