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Design for Lunar Chandelier Press

The great Lunar Chandelier Press has me designing a book of poems by the talented Vincent Katz, called Southness. Keep your eyes peeled for a release party.


I'm also finishing up the design for A Picture of Everyone I Love Passes Through Me, a book of collages by Lynn Behrendt with text mixed by John Bloomberg-Rissman, remixed by Lynn Behrendt. 


What a lovely collaboration to behold! 

With a feeling of a 21st century imagist soul, Vincent Katz reminds us that poetry can be used for many things: observation, personal declaration, and joy.
— Peter Gizzi

Quadro Tonto (by VK)

I’d like to be a better person

I know that in their eyes I’m fine

that everything has been left in order

but in my own I fail at interval

I’m not enough there for people

I evanesce or my own desire’s paramount

but I also know it is within my power

to be a better person

I need only look into their eyes

instead of longingly down streetlights

of the limb-strewn boulevard


Volkswagen recommends that you point your key fob at your chin, making your head a kind of organic radio transmitter, in order to boost the signal to unlock your car.

You have a spore in your brain: it moves. Pan holds back his cry; instead of “A Day in the Life of a Naropa University Writing Professor” — it is now: “A Day in the Life of a Monster.” Prepare for journeys to the ER; know that your guides will be Miss Piggy and meth and shadows. Highlights: a plate of foaming innards. A life-size silver stencil of Durga sitting on her lion on the side of a boxcar. And, if we dare, the sail will fill and the boat we are in begin to tilt and move.

We are all Palestinians now.

A Book About Colab (and Related Activities)

Edited by Max Schumann (New York: Printed Matter), 2016.
This is a wonderful book put together by Max Schumann from Printed Matter, and includes lots and lots of ephemera from various activities by Collaborative Projects, a group of artists I was involved with in the late ’70s/early ’80s. 


April 15, 5-7 @ Printed Matter

231 Eleventh Avenue  NYC


In celebration of the book, Colab is re-creating the “A More Store” at Printed Matter from April 15–May 15. The store will feature artist multiples for sale at reasonable prices. I’m including a 5-postcard set (reproduced from work made with Robert Kleyn in 1983) ... 



... and an edition of two prints of more recent work.


Mark your calendar for "Colab Talks" at Printed Matter on April 30, from 5–7.